Mini Dental Implant Dentures – What Are They?

Often, patients fitted with dentures after losing multiple teeth find that their dentures fit loosely, slipping when they eat or speak. Now, there is a better choice than traditional dentures. Dentures affixed to mini dental implants – also known as implant retained dentures – are false teeth anchored to a permanent implant in the jaw bone.

Mini dental implant dentures rely on small titanium screws inserted into the jawbone, rather than relying on suction or dental adhesive. These small titanium screws act like the roots of natural teeth, providing a strong base for the dentures.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures:
Those with dentures supported by mini implants do not need to worry about their dentures slipping or coming loose when they eat or speak. Mini dental implants hold the denture securely in place. This technique effectively restores both the look and the function of missing teeth.

About Mini Dental Implants:
Dentures can be anchored either with traditional dental implants, or by mini implants. Both consist of a titanium screw inserted in the jaw bone. Mini dental implants are much like conventional dental implants, with one important distinction: the screw inserted into the jaw bone is slimmer. This leads to a shorter surgical process and shorter recovery period, without sacrificing the strength of the implant.

These mini implants can be used to anchor a variety of dental devices, from a single false tooth to a set of full mouth dentures. The number of mini implants needed to support a complete set of dentures varies, but the upper and lower jaws usually require between eight and ten each.

How Mini Dental Implants Are Inserted:
The process of receiving implant-supported dentures requires two distinct steps. During the first process, small holes are drilled in the jaw bone. Then, the mini implant is inserted into this hole. The site is then left alone for several months, giving time for the metal to fuse with the natural bone for a strong anchor. Next, this screw is uncovered, and an attachment known as an abutment is placed on top of the screw. The denture itself is fitted on top of this abutment. Some implant-supported dentures are designed to be removable, while others may only be removed by a dentist.

Candidates For Mini Dental Implant Dentures:
Candidates for mini dental implant dentures are looking for a replacement for multiple missing teeth. Many patients with missing teeth are eligible for mini dental implant dentures, but they are not right for all patients. First, an x-ray is taken to determine whether the jaw has enough bone to provide implant support. This bone wears down over time; those whose teeth have been missing for a long time may not have enough bone remaining. In addition, implant-supported dentures generally cost more than traditional dentures; this is a consideration for many patients.

Many patients find mini dental implant dentures to be the best way to replace their missing teeth. The benefits include improved chewing and speaking abilities, as well as a more secure, comfortable fit. The mini implants are designed to be permanent, though the dentures on top of them may need to be replaced around once per decade.

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