How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Dentures are used when most or all of the natural teeth are missing. Basic dentures begin at around $600 per plate. A plate includes either the upper or lower set of teeth; a full-mouth set of dentures would be approximately double this cost. The cost of dentures can range up to $8,000 or even higher, and is dependent on a number of variables.

Materials and Appearance
The price of dentures varies depending on the material from which they are made. Dentures may be made from metal, resin, porcelain, or acrylic. Some are supported by dental implants, while others are held in place with suction or dental adhesive. Less expensive dentures tend to look artificial and may be adapted from a standard design, rather than a fully customized fit. Premium dentures offer a personalized fit using high-end materials that closely simulate the look of the natural teeth.

Associated Procedures
The cost of dentures may be higher if additional procedures are needed to prepare the mouth, such as tooth extractions. It is often necessary to pull remaining damaged teeth before being fitted for dentures. This usually costs $75-$450 per tooth for simple extractions, or up to $650 or more for surgical extractions. If the dentures are held in place with implants, this will be a separate, additional charge, usually ranging between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on the type and number of implants used.

Warranties and Long-Term Care
Top-range dentures come with lengthier warranties, and the cost of some necessary long-term care may be included in the upfront fee. The cost of high-end dentures often includes several follow-up visits with your dentist in order to refine the fit, making the dentures more comfortable. Dentures with a warranty against chipping and cracking tend to cost more upfront, but may save you money in the long term. When dentures crack or break, repairs usually cost around $50-200. The fit will change over time; professional adjustments to the fit are usually $200-$500, and may need to be done several times over the life of the dentures.

Location and Dentist
Other factors, unrelated to the dentures themselves, also affect the cost. General dentists are able to provide dentures, and often their prices are among the lowest. Prosthodontists are specialized dentists who have undergone additional training in dental restoration techniques. Their prices tend to be higher on account of their expertise. In addition, costs for dental work tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas than in less populated regions.

Insurance Coverage
If the dentures are deemed medically necessary, insurance will usually pay part or all of the cost. It is common for dental insurance companies to offer 15% to 50% coverage of the procedure costs. Contact your insurance company to determine the specifics of what they will cover; many will only cover certain materials or types of dentures. If you don’t have insurance or the treatment is not covered by your policy, there are third-party financing options available. In addition, many dentists offer monthly payment plans to make dentures more affordable for you.

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