Choosing the Color of Your Dental Implant Crown

After making the decision to get dental implants to replace a missing tooth, there are many decisions to be made regarding your treatment. Aside from the cost of dental implants, one thing to consider is the color of the crown that will act as an artificial tooth. While this may seem insignificant, in fact the shade you select for the crown will have a substantial impact on the overall look of the implant. The crown is custom made, so you can select the exact color that you’d like it to be. Your dentist will help you select an appropriate color for the dental implant crown, but it helps to go into the process knowing the factors involved in this selection.

How do you choose the right color for your dental implants?

Implants come in many shades, and though you may assume that bright white is the best option, often it is not. Over time, your teeth may become gray or yellow. Many dentists advise patients considering dental implants to have their natural teeth whitened before choosing the implant color, either to the brightest they can be, or to the level of whiteness you want. Then, the dental implants can be made to match that color, rather than bright white, which will make the implant noticeable.


It is also important to consider the fact that not all of your teeth are the exact same shade. Usually, eye teeth tend to be darker than the others, while front teeth tend to be brightest. Molars are usually a shade between these two. Ideally, the color of your dental implant crown should be based on the teeth immediately adjacent to the gap. Other considerations include your complexion, hair color, and even your eye color.

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